Sometimes All You Need is a Page

Not long ago I visited Tahoe, and while I was there I thought to myself “hey, Tahoe is not far from Folsom, maybe I should try to market myself here more.” There are a lot of businesses in Tahoe and not a lot of marketing (a few searches yielded some pretty poor websites) and so I thought it would be worthwhile to create a page and maybe start a conversation with some Tahoe businesses.

So I came home, I wrote a page on South Lake Tahoe SEO and Content Writing, and then subsequently got busy and forgot about it.

Fast forward a few weeks. That page now shows in Google in the following places:

  • Number 1 for “South Lake Tahoe Content Writing”
  • Number 1 for “South Lake Tahoe Content Marketing”
  • Page 2, number 2 for “South Lake Tahoe SEO” (a bit harder a keyword, but getting there!)

That’s a pretty significant presence for a page that was created on a whim, with no additional marketing. But it’s also not a surprise. My website performs well, especially for the term “content marketing,” and South Lake Tahoe is a weak area for online marketing, so just one page was all that was needed to suddenly rank for some of the best keywords in online marketing and SEO.

All small businesses have this potential. If you’re a psychologist in Long Island, try targeting Garden City. If you’re a pest control company in Columbus, try targeting Delaware County. If you’re a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, try targeting Irvine. You’ll find that all you may need is a few simple pages, and suddenly you’ve opened yourself up to a huge number of potential clients, all from one single page.

There are a lot of opportunities still out there. Some involve a steady stream of content for years. But sometimes all you really need is a single page.

Examples of Automotive Content and Blog Post Ideas

Car companies invest a lot of money in advertising. With regular TV spots, newspaper advertisements, and more, some of these companies invest thousands upon thousands of dollars into branding every month, spending a great deal of money on temporary forms of advertising in order to reach a select number of customers.

Whether you run an auto dealer or work in car repair, these advertisements still represent an “old school” marketing mentality that, while effective, isn’t necessarily the best use of your money.

Investing in Automotive Content

Far too many car companies invest little into their websites. Right now, most car companies are found via online search. While people do use local car dealers and repair services, those companies rarely get their business from ads and get it more from traffic and a storefront. Online TV spots can generate some business and some trust, but it’s a website that has the potential to reach the most people and give them a reason to find your business.

The best way to market your car company is by adding useful and informative car content – content written about the products and services that you offer, along with information that could be relevant for those that may someday need your services in the future. Interesting content provides you with an extremely valuable branding tool – one that is far less expensive than TV ads, while potentially reaching a greater number of consumers.

Auto Content Ideas For Websites and Blog Posts

The following represent multiple post ideas, not a single post. Each one can be made into sometimes dozens of posts or more – in some cases a potentially unlimited number – and should help you improve your website’s rank, the number of visitors you receive, and ultimately your revenue. Content ideas include:

  • Car comparisons for features (eg. top 10 fuel efficient cars, top 7 cars for leg space, etc.).
  • Specific car brand or model reviews.
  • Tips for testing a car before purchase.
  • Specific cars on the lot that you feature.
  • Do it yourself repair tips.
  • Information on benefits and weaknesses of car warranties.
  • Tips for improving gas mileage.
  • Tips for maintaining a new car.
  • Information on gas choices.
  • Specific wheel types and their benefits/weaknesses.
  • Information on car parts and their purpose.
  • Best cars for specific personalities, peoples, drivers, etc.
  • New luxury car features and upgrades, including their cost and reviews.
  • Information on local tax laws, driving laws, and more.

As any car marketer knows, the goal isn’t necessarily just to sell cars. It’s to make people aware of your brand so that they’re more likely to trust you and make a purchase. That’s why people invest in TV ads, billboards, and more, even though they rarely result in immediate business.

Automobile content, like the examples above, provide you with that opportunity. In some cases, like the specific cars on the lot or the specific services you offer they can lead to a sale. In other cases, they may simply answer a local resident’s question, but that individual will not be exposed to your brand.

Honesty is also going to be important, and readers have to feel as though they’re getting useful information and not sales fluff. But if you’re willing to invest in the above content you can vastly improve your search engine rank, and your ROI on your advertising dollars.